Monday, November 3, 2008

Blog Art Jam Theme - November

Hey guys, since Peter was a lazy ass to not do a drawing last month he said I could choose the theme that he was supposed to. Alright so this time around I had the idea of "Obscure Retired Superheros". So no actual mainstream superheros (superman, batman, etc.) Peter came up with a good one, Quail Man's grandpa. Too Much Coffee Man would be acceptable too (think along those lines).

I guess it will be a month long too? Matt? I guess if Matt doesn't say anything then it'll be due by November 30th. Have fun!

P.S. I forgot to mention that you can make something up too if you wanted (which I'm doing, haha). So far so awesome!


Joel said...

Yeah I guess I was lazy too. Must try doubly hard this time!!

Anonymous said...

Nov 30 sounds good.. Maybe I'll actually get this done. Hey Charles, are we to make up a retired superhero, or use an old forgotten real comic character?

Charles Doan said...

If you wanna make one up that's cool. If it is a superhero already made, no one completely well known, but yeah I guess forgotten works too.